Scheduling your vacation can often be so mind-boggling that all you have to find is a good and reliable local travel agency to walk you through the apparently overwhelming process.


Questions all around the genuineness of the websites you’ve been checking, longevity of certain accommodation, airlines and restaurants, and safety of the areas you’ve been surfing at staying in can usually all be answered by your travel wizard and their trusty pc.

They are able to get you out of hairy circumstances while overseas and can liaise with airlines, hotels and tour groups to enable you to get the best experience without you barely needing to lift a hand.

Nevertheless, I’m sure the majority of you looking over this will know of either yourself, or someone near to you, that has had a unfavorable knowledge about a travel agent. It may sometimes be like speed dating: someone providing you with a whirl of information in two minutes that’s designed to make an impression on but with no follow through. So here’s a rough guide to make sure you find your travel agency in Islamabad and get the most from your getaway.


Integrity and transparency are the keys to creating the right connection between both you and your travel agent. If they’re ready to show you their computer screen, tell you their fees and charges, and completely take you through the terms and conditions of your holiday, you’re one step nearer to requesting their number. Most travel agencies in Islamabad charges you change and cancellation fees, so make certain you’re conscious of the expenses before you decide to book your vacation.

Time saving

The time and trouble a travel agent can help you save in booking your around-the-world holiday will be worth the extra few dollars you might have saved on the airfares offered on Expedia or Skyscanner. The support agents can provide you while overseas if something goes wrong is invaluable, plus many agents might be able to price beat/price match prices you see on the web. At the conclusion of the day, your travel agent could save you the time and energy of searching for flights, which you’ll put into deciding what party shirt to pack in your backpack.

Prompt response

Forget the three-day dating rule: if your agent responses to you within 24 hours or earlier, you know you’ve found a keeper. Who wants to hold out while your flights are booking up or you’re stuck in LA airport with the most intense customs officials to grace the planet. You would like your travel agent to be quick with their responses and simple to talk when in need.

Genuine interest

Just like in speed dating, you need to speak with somebody that is truly considering you and your ideas. Forget order taking travel agents who mindlessly strike in your requests; look for those in whose faces illuminate when you tell them about your plans to see the Northern Lights or your rail adventure through South-East Asia. If they positively try and get around your vacation, offer options or try to troubleshoot any issues you may be having, you have a potential keeper. Make sure they listen to what you want to get out of your holiday, and keep an eye out for agents that offer things that they want to sell rather than what you are asking for.